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Aycan Teztel




"The Boshorus" for violin and piano by Aycan Teztel
has been published by Duinenburg Music

the bosphorus


Other works by Aycan Teztel


the Bosphorus fantasy no 1
fantasy no 2
fantasy no 3
fantasy no 5




Okan Ersan and Istanbul Superband

Okan Ersan : Guitars

Istanbul Superband
Volkan Oktem : Drums
Eylem Pelit : El.Bass
Serkan Ozyilmaz : Piano & Keyboards
Şenova Ulker : Trumpet & Flugelhorn
Aycan Teztel : Trombone
Levent Altindag : Soprano, Tenor Sax & Flute

Ernie Watts : Tenor Sax
Misirli Ahmet : Dehollo & Darbuka
Ercan Irmak : Ney & Kaval
Ola Onabule : Vocal

Recorded/Mixed/Mastered by :

Mainly Recorded by MDM Studio at Istanbul | Bahadir Sagbas, Mutlu Dogan (Engineers) | Tarik Ceran (Drum Sounds Engineer) | Selim Sayari (Guitar Sounds Engineer)

Horns Recorded by OMI Studio at Istanbul Omer Goksel (Engineer)

Some Guitars Recorded by Oztop Studio at Istanbul | Serdar Oztop, Ferhat Fidan (Engineers)

Mixed by Dave Weckl
DW Production Studio Los Angeles | Mastered by George Whitty / Los Angeles

Written and Composed by Okan Ersan | Arranged by Okan Ersan and Istanbul Superband

Istanbul Superband Plays Omer Goksel

"This project is the first of its kind and I can gladly call it "our" album
thanks to the dedication of all the musicians involved.
They put not only their competence, but also their hearts into this music.

I am grateful to all the musicians, technical and supporting team who
worked in a highly professional manner, but also with a truly amateur
spirit, in order to squeeze the best out of what we had in our hands."

Omer Goksel



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